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Surfing the Basque Country - 2017 Edition

Our latest Surftrip lead us to the beautiful Basque Country in the northern Part of Spain. Although our last Trip there was not even two Months again, we just had to return there, once we saw an Opportunity! It was very chaotic and very spontaneous, because my two Brothers Fabi & Flo just decided a couple of Days beforehand that they would join the Crew, consisting of Stefan Hünniger, Marc Heine, Andreas Naumann and myself. Despite the hectic start we (once again) had the best Time there. We just absolutely adore San Sebastián and we feel right at home, everytime we're there. I call San Sebastián "Little Rio", because it does remind me a little bit of Rio de Janeiro, the second biggest City of Brazil. Especially during the Summertime, when the Sun is out and the beautiful People of San Sebastián and their Friends enjoy the Beachlife, the City really does feel like it's big Sister from Brazil. Especially when you look up at Mount Ugull with the big Statue of Jesus while you're on one of the three very beautiful Beaches there. "Zurriola" which is the Surfer's Beach and then "Playa de la Concha" and "Playa de Ondarreta" right next to it, which are both Beaches for sunloving Tourists and Swimmers alike. Of course we spend most of our time at Zurriola, where the Currents can get strong sometimes and the Waves big. We scored some really fun Waves amongst a sometimes very crowded lineup. Although it really helps waking up at 5am in order to beat the Crowds. I mean, who else but a Surfer would be crazy enough to wake up this early just for Fun? ;) Luckily my good friend and Surfcrew-Member Marc Heine put up an awesome Edit about our Trip. Watched it a million Times already :)

Writing this and watching the Video over and over again makes me miss all the fun Times i've had there over the Years, all the delicious Tapas i ate there, all the Beers i drank and all the Friends who i had the pleasure to explore this beautiful City with. San Sebastián, i will always love you and can't wait to see you back soon. Hasta pronto! <3

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